Programmes Details

Programme Aims and Objectives


Our Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc) is a broad based programme which provides accounting education to our accounting students. The B.Acc programme focuses on core accounting issues. Our students graduate with a very strong accounting knowledge and accounting technical competences which puts them on demand in both accounting and non-accounting organization.


Our Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc) gives students the tools to make real life financial decisions in a constantly changing and uncertain business world.

Aims of the programme

The programme aims to provide students with a coherent and vocationally relevant academic curriculum, designed to equip them for employment and for a variety of responsible posts within the financial services industry. The Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) programme aims to produce accounting students who are not only technically competent but who also have high ethical standards and good business sense, to well prepare them to surmount the challenges in an ever-changing global accounting environment. The Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) programme is aimed at preparing accounting students for advanced academic studies as well as for careers in public accounting, private industry, government and non- profit sectors.

Objectives of the programme

Provide students with the accounting knowledge and tools needed to obtain meaningful employment and have successful accounting careers. The programme provides the educational background for students to meet the educational requirements of various professional accounting certification examinations. The programme also prepares students for graduate school.