Department of Accounting and Finance

About us

The department traces its historical roots back to the very beginning of the Copperbelt University which came into being as a public university by an Act of Parliament No. 19 of 1987 on 1st December 1987. The department of Accounting and Finance sits within the School of Business at Zambia’s second largest public university – The Copperbelt University. Since its inception, the department of Accounting and Finance has been offering industry recognised undergraduate programmes in accounting, auditing, and finance. The department is exemplarily recognised as one of the major contributors to the accounting profession in Zambia and beyond. The initial idea behind the establishment of the department of Accounting and Finance was to provide Government, industry and Commerce with well educated young men and women in the field of accountancy.

The department continues to grow in size and experience, adding to the already excellent standards of teaching. In 2007 the department introduced a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance degree. Two masters’ programmes –MBA Finance and Master of Science in Accounting and Finance were also launched in 2008 and 2011 respectively with the Copperbelt University Graduate School as the coordinator and facilitator. The department of Accounting and Finance continues to enjoy a reputation as one of the leading accountancy centre in the region for teaching relevant and contemporary accounting themes within the rich context of the social sciences. We are proud about our achievements as these reflect our competitive advantage locally as well as across borders.

Objectives of the Department

The goal is to produce graduates with a thorough grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects together with an understanding of the economic, business and legal framework within the current complex business environment. Specific objectives include, among others:

  1. To prepare students for careers in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Banking and Finance
  2. To strengthen, develop and promote the professional and technical skills of the students
  3. To produce graduates in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Banking and Finance with the necessary skills and abilities in planning, evaluating and controlling of activities, decision making and problem solving.
  4. To train students in contemporary issues in the areas of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Banking and Finance practices and principles.
  5. To conduct research in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Banking and Finance that will help in solving some of the social problems encountered in the nation


Currently, the Department of Accounting and Finance offers the following exciting programmes:

Our Staff and Professional Networks

The department includes a wide spectrum of staff at a variety of stages in their academic and professional career development. Staff in the department have been exposed to different academic systems as they have trained in universities within Africa and overseas. Members of staff in the departmental are dedicated and committed and symbolically contribute to the vibrant and exciting culture within the department and are passionate about their areas of expertise.

We also have formal collaborative relationships with professional bodies and the industry such as the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA), the Association of Certified and Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Bank of Zambia (BoZ), Citi Bank e.t.c.


Research and Consultancy

The Department’s academic staff is heavily engaged in teaching and researching a wide range of themes and topics. With a strong emphasis on research in the department, members of staff have been working on a wide variety of projects in the areas of Accounting, Accountability, Auditing, Finance, Taxation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Corporate Governance. The department’s research focus is to address critically the significant challenges facing organisations, policymakers and tackle some of society’s greatest challenges. Research has become a hallmark of the Copperbelt University and a commitment our department of Accounting and Finance takes seriously. For research interests, recent publications and staff contact details about our departmental research groups and profiles, please check individual staff profiles.

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Maintaining and enhancing our leading reputation is our top priority. We encourage you to contact us if you need more information or have any queries.

Tel: +260 212 290 851