Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Aims and Objectives

Rationale of the Learning Programme in relation to national and/or regional human resources demands.

This degree program is aimed at equipping students with a broader understanding and knowledge of how to manage company resource such as personnel, equipment, capital etc effectively and efficiently by means of their full utilization. Students would also acquire advisory knowledge and guidance on how to manage these different resources used in production, so as to attain quality products and services that would create long lasting valuable relationships. It also empowers the learners with skills on how to manage issues of labour relations in a positive way.

The programme enables students to acquire expertise on how to develop themselves and others in their career path within their various and non-homogenous environments. This is also accompanied with expertise in advanced technological application as well as good communication skills. All in all, the programme empowers the students with professional knowledge of human resource management of an organization.

Programme Objective

The four (4) years HRM programme is tailor made to serve the needs of the students with keen interest of how to manage company resources effectively and efficiently. The programme is open to eligible candidates with grade twelve certificates for both school leavers and those in professional employment.

The four (4) year HRM degree programme adequately prepares the graduates to handle the organization’s resources with theoretical and practical knowledge in dynamic and complex business environments. The programme’s curriculum offers a rich blend of general education and discipline based core courses including finance, industrial relations, industrial psychology, labour laws, information technology, economics, management and Human Resource Management etc. The programme builds in the student’s potential for future prospects and enables them to maintain a balance between the stages of economic, cultural, legal, political, social and technological successes coupled with limitation in today’s environments in a social responsible way