Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Aims and Objectives

Rationale of the Learning Programme in relation to national and/or regional human resources demands.

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree offers a fulfilling and comprehensive programme that is designed to meet the industry demand and is accredited internationally. It involves a study of marketing issues both in the domestic and international setting and seeks to keep students abreast of the modern marketing practices in this rapidly changing world. One of the aims of this programme is to develop the students’ intellectual and analytical abilities through interpreting cases, concepts and theories and translating them into strategic marketing decisions in the face of the ever-changing business environment. Marketing, which is one of the core activities of any business, continues to receive increased recognition world over especially by firms that are forward thinking and want to remain afloat in the light of competition. The programme has thus been structured to offer a professional training to both students aspiring to be employed as Marketing Managers (not forgetting other equally challenging positions in the field of marketing) and those currently in employment needing advanced marketing knowledge and training to sharpen their skills.

Programme Objective

The marketing function is essential to the health and survival of any organization. The four (4) year marketing degree programme involves a comprehensive study of the basic concepts, techniques, and tools for developing marketing strategy and marketing programs. The programme is an enriching and interesting one that uses a practical learning approach to enhance the learning experience of the students and help them see concepts in application.

In view of the foregoing background, the main objective for the programme is to Equip students with the most recent practices and techniques employed by managers involved in designing, implementing and controlling strategic marketing programmes. It also helps students with the ability to evaluate marketing problems and opportunities from an academic, practical, and critical perspective. The in-depth knowledge the students gain is very vital as marketing is one of the key aspects of every firm. Additionally, since both the national and global marketing environments remain highly dynamic, an appreciation of this programme becomes crucial for students that want to take-up interesting but pivotal and challenging positions in organizations.