Bachelor of Science in Purchasing & Supply

Programme Aims and Objectives



Purchasing plays a major role of economic activities in Zambia. The level of economic activities involving purchasing and supply functions has brought both opportunities and challenges in both the private and public sectors. The key attribute the marketplace now seeks in purchasing and supply management is the ability to ensuring continuity of supply in line with business requirements, the appropriate management of risks, effective supplier relationship management and the attainment of value for money through influencing both operational, tactical and strategic decisions. Purchasing and Supply management positions are now intended to provide more value to customers, establish market differentiation, develop lasting supplier relationships and become flexible and agile, hence the need for specialized competencies in this field.

Aims of the programme

The aim of the programme is to develop a range of technical and transferable soft skills to equip students with knowledge, skills and required attributes to enable them effectively and competently procure, store and monitor goods, services and works of varying degrees of complexity and value on behalf of the organization or client to national and international approved standards especially in the private sector.

Objectives of the programme

  • To be a stimulating academic experience engendering an understanding of the complex and subtle relationships at play in Purchasing and Supply Chain Environments.
  • To provide a framework in which to broaden, deepen, extend and apply knowledge and understanding and enable the learner to creatively review, develop, synthesize, resolve and critically evaluate and address any Purchasing and Supply Chain Challenge in the Business Environment