SNR   Consultancy

  • Development of a community forest management training manual for Forestry Department Extension officers under the GEV V Project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Vinya, R, Kabwe, G. Kwenye, J, Simwanda M, Chibesa, M, & Yambayamba A. 2019 (On-going)
  • Conducted training in Environmental and Social safeguards under the Improved Rural Connectivity Project for project implementing staff funded by World Bank, Vinya, R, Kwenye J, & Simwanda, M. December 2019
  • Conducting biodiversity study for the KAGEM mining license area, Kalaba F, Chibesa M, Kwenye, J, Simwanda M, & Phiri D. 2020. The consultancy is valued at K672, 707. 20. Status: Biodiversity data on flora and fauna is to be collected in the rainy season and dry season to appreciate the biodiversity. So far collected data for the rainy season biodiversity. KAGEM Mine is currently shut due to Covid 19. Will commence dry season assessment once the mine opens and logistics are put in place.