Admission requirements

School Leavers

To qualify for admission to the    undergraduate degree programmes offered in all the Departments under the School of Natural Resources, a candidate must obtain credits or better in at least five subjects in the Zambian School Certificate or its equivalent as follows:

Schedule A: Compulsory Subjects

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Biology or Agricultural Science

Schedule B: Any one (1) or two (2) from the following:

Physics, Chemistry, Science, Physical Science and Geography

Schedule C: Any one other subject but those with Geometrical and Mechanical/Technical Drawing and Woodwork will have added advantage for BSc Wood Science and Technology.

Special Cases: Diploma holders

  1. Possess a diploma related to the field of study being applied for.
  2. Should have a credit or better in at least five subjects in the Zambian School Certificate.
  3. The subjects required for School Certificate are the same as those in the case of school leavers.

NB. Ordinary Level Certificate School leavers are admitted at first year while Diploma holders are admitted in the second year of study.