The degree programme was developed to train personnel who will be equipped with skills to manage Zambia’s vast aquatic resources as well as impart sustainable aquaculture knowledge to would be fish farmers.


  Year 1 Biology Physics Communication and Computing Skills Chemistry Mathematics        Year 2 Biometry GIS and Remote Sensing Biochemistry Genetics Fish Biology and Systematics Biochemistry Principles of Ecology Biology of Aquatic Fauna and Flora
Year 3 (Fisheries Major)Project ManagementResearch MethodsAquatic Biodiversity and ConservationFish Ecology and EnvironmentFishing Gears and TechnologyLimnology  Year 3 (Aquaculture Major) Project ManagementResearch MethodAquaculture Engineering and Fishing GearsFish Nutrition and Feed TechnologyPrinciples of AquacultureSoil Science and Water Quality Management  Year 4 (Fisheries Major)Research ProjectEntrepreneurship and Fisheries EconomicsFish Health and DiseaseFisheries management and extensionFish Stock Assessment and Production ManagementFish Post Harvest TechnologyIndustrial Attachment   Year 4 (Aquaculture Major)Research ProjectAquaculture Extension and EnvironmentAquaculture Production and ManagementEntrepreneurship and Fisheries economicsFish Health and DiseasesFish Post Harvest TechnologyIndustrial Attachment