BSc in Real Estate Studies primarily aims to train students and develop skills in disciplines with distinct professional focus on real estate: technology, finance, economics, management, law and research methods.


The focus of the BSc Real Estate Studies is on economic productivity and financial investment in response to the dynamics and challenges of the real estate industry. The objectives are to produce graduates that:

  • fully understood land and buildings as tangible products;
  • fully understood that the development of land and buildings creates intangible ownership and occupation interests, legal and financial, upon which investment and management decisions have to be made;
  • are competent to provide the quality of service that incorporates technical, economic, financial and managerial skills over the real estate product in the private/public sector as well as academia.

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Programme Details

First Year Courses

  • ES 100 Studio Project
  • ES 110 Built Environment
  • ES 120 Introduction to Economics
  • ES 130 Introduction to Physical and Human Geography
  • ES 141 Introduction to Sociology
  • ES 142 Communication Skills
  • ES 150 Mathematics

Second Year Courses

  • ES 210 Construction and Services I
  • ESR 220 Land Economics
  • ES 230 Land Information Systems
  • ESR 240 Principles of Management
  • ESR 250 Mathematics of Finance
  • ESR 253 Real Estate Information Systems

Third Year Courses

  • ESR 310 Business Finance
  • ESR 320 Development Economics
  • ESR 330 Quantitative Studies
  • ESR 340 Law of Contract and Torts
  • ESR 350 Principles of Valuation

Fourth Year Courses

  • ESR 410 Real Estate Finance and Taxation
  • ESR 420 Principles of Real Estate investment and Development
  • ESR 430 Financial Accounting
  • ESR 440 Real Property Law – Principles
  • ESR 450 Valuation methodology
  • ESR 460 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  • ESR 461 Research Methodology and Academic Reporting

Fifth Year Courses

  • ESR 500 Thesis Project
  • ESR 510 Housing Economics & Policies
  • ESR 520 Land Policy and Development
  • ESR 530 Real Estate Management
  • ESR 540 Real Property Law II – Applied Property Law
  • ESR 550 Applied Valuationction
  • ESR 593 Practical Training