As an academic discipline, Construction Economics and Management forms the basis for several specializations related to the economics and management of construction projects. The discipline of construction management and quantity surveying are two of such disciplines. For instance the discipline of Quantity Surveying involves detailed calculations and measurements taken from the Architect’s drawings to quantify the materials, planning and labour required to construct the building. This enables the calculation of the likely cost involved during the various stages of implementation. A thorough understanding of building technology is a per-requisite for the preparation of the Bills of Quantities (BOQ) and cost estimates. In addition, students are exposed to the principles of building economics, law and professional practice.

The increasing complexity in the administration of large-scale construction projects has been responsible for the emergence of the closely related discipline of Construction Management. Apply Now

Programme Details

First Year

ES 100 Studio Project

ES 110 Built Environment

ES 120 Introduction to Economics

ES 130 Introduction to Physical and Human Geography

ES 141 Introduction to Sociology

ES 142 Communication Skills

ES 150 Mathematics

Second Year Courses

ESA/B 200 Studio Projects

ES 210 Construction Technology and Building Services I

ESA/B 220 Structures I

ES 230 Land Surveying

ESB/Q 250 Building Economics I

ES 261 Computer Application

ES 262 Statistics

Third Year Courses

ESB 300 Measurement Studio II

ESB 310 Construction Technology and Building Services II

ESA 320 Structures II

ESB 330 Measurements I

ESB 340 Legal Studies

ESB 261 Building Economics II

Fourth Year Courses

ESQ 400 Measurement Studio

ESQ 410 Construction Technology and Building Services III

ESQ 420 Theory and Practice of Quantity Surveying

ESQ 430 Measurements II

ESQ 440 Construction Law

ESQ 450 Building Economics III

ES 461 Research Methodology

Fifth Year Courses

ESQ 500 Thesis Project

ESQ 510 Professional Practice

ESQ 520 Project Management

ESQ 530 Measurement III

ESQ 550 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights

ESQ 593 Practical Training