The department has until now been offering only one diploma programme in Surveying. It is now poised to introduce two degree programmes commencing in the year 2016. The programmes include a degree in Mining and Exploration Geology and a degree in Geomatics Engineering. Both programmes are of 5 years duration. The diploma programme in surveying continues to be offered by the department. In the near future, this programme will be revised and renamed as Diploma in Geomatics.

Geology is a relatively old field of earth science but its mark was stamped in only about the 18th when the focus shifted to minerals and mineral ores when mining increasingly became an important part of global economies. As a fully fledged field of science, it is now recognised as the study of the earth that deals with its origin, its internal structure, processes within and outside it, economic resources it harbours as well as its history. From this definition arise the various specialised fields of Geology into which geology graduates can branch for specialisation. At the undergraduate level however, all the aspects of geological knowledge are introduced to varying degrees of emphasis. Being in the seat of mining the Coppebelt University offers the programme with a bias towards mining and exploration activities.

Career  Opportunities

Geology applies many different branches of science and engineering to understand how the earth ‘works’ and how it has evolved over the last 4.6 billion years. Geologists work in a variety of settings. These include: mining companies, natural resource companies, environmental consulting companies, government agencies, non-profit organisations and universities.

Geologists graduated from this programme can therefore get engaged in the exploration and production of metals, industrial minerals, hydrocarbons and water resources. The graduate geologist will also be sought after in civil engineering projects such as tunnels, road cuts, dams, reservoirs and foundations.

Entry  requirements

The particular requirements are five GCE ‘O’ Level credits or better in the Zambian School Certification or its equivalent as follows: A Pass in English Language plus;

Schedule ASchedule BSchedule C
Mathematics Physics ChemistryPhysical Science Biology SciencesAdditional Maths Technical Drawing Metal/Wood Works Geography History

Note: Candidates holding a good Advanced Certificate (i.e. an average score of at least 60{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b}) in a subject relevant to the School’s programmes may be admitted to Diploma programme in first year. Inquiries and applications for admission should be directed to the Academic Office of the Copperbelt University

Research Areas and  Consultancy

The Geology/Survey Department is currently establishing expertise in the following areas of research interest:

  • Tailings Dumps Resource Evaluation
  • Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Geodesy

The programmes offered in the department are:

Short Courses –  Geology/Survey Department

A number of selected short courses are offered from time to time depending on demand from industry for the duration of 5 – 30 days. Below are some of the short courses offered:

  • Process Mineralogy
  • Geological Sampling and Grade Control
  • Geology for Mining Industry
  • Applied Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems