The analytical Services Department (ASD) was established in 2010 as an initiative within the School of Mines and Mineral Sciences (SMMS) to bring analytical centre equipment and expertise together under one efficiently streamlined unit. The ASD is responsible for administration, operation and promotion of core facilities within the SMMS to help researchers throughout the Copperbelt University (CBU) to access key technical platforms necessary to support quality research for members of staff and, under and post graduate students on a fee basis. Its facilities are also available to researchers outside the CBU including commercial clients. The department also offers scientific consultancy.

Our Mission

Entrenched capacity for enhanced chemical analysis for accurate and reliable test results in fields of research and specialist scientific consultancy for internal and external clients. A range of research equipments, analytical instruments and traditional wet chemistry are available to help solve research and industry problems. Our staff members have appropriate technical qualifications and commitment to quality service. All analyses follow standard analytical methods and quality control (QC) samples are used to assure quality. Thus, the services offered are characterized by highest standards following strict QC procedures, quick turnaround and full guarantee of confidentiality at competitive prices.

The ASD is comprised of dedicated laboratories:


Analysis of soil and sediments, biological and aqueous (portable/drinking water and industrial wastewater) samples for physical, biological and chemical properties.

Assay Laboratory

Determination of solid physical properties (proximate and ultimate analyses), particle size analysis, digestion and/or elemental analysis (all elements except radioactive elements) of solid and liquid samples.

scanning Electron Microscope Energy Despiresive X ray (SEM/EDX) Laboratory

Start-of-art microstructural analysis, fault diagnosis, imaging and mineral/elemental analysis of small areas of solid samples.

Chemistry Laboratory

Determination of liquids physical properties and analysis of liquid and gas matrix organic components and transition metal ions.

Our core analytical techniques include gas chromatograph (GC), UV-vis Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) and SEM/EDX.
Although many analyses are based on the core techniques, we make use of many other standard techniques, method development and resources as required to solve clients’ sample analytical problems. By adhering to strict chemical analysis protocol, the CBU – ASD is focused to addressing customer specific requirements.