Department was established in 2012. The Department owes its development to prior initiatives in other departments such as Academic and Industrial Science Department, Chemical engineering Department (both in then School of Technology), and Physical Sciences Department (SMNS).

Department offers a wide range of programmes, which include a four years B. Sc. Physics and two years M. Sc. Physics and PhD in Physics programs. The B.Sc. Physics program includes specializations in Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, Astrophysics and Laser Physics… Read more


Chemistry is perhaps a unique science as it creates new substances, pharmaceuticals, and materials at the molecular level. These substances have profound impact on our world and societies. Chemistry occupies a central place in sciences. In fact, it plays a significant role in the economy of any nation. It, therefore, becomes inevitable to have the availability of a critical mass of human resource in chemistry.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of chemical sciences, its central role in advancement of science and national economy, Chemistry Department was established in 2012. Read more


The Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Entomology, Bioinformatics, Biodiversity and Ecology. The Biological Sciences curriculum aims to provide a coherent program over a period of up to four academic years of full-time study (depending on whether the program level is undergraduate or postgraduate). This is intended to provide skills and… Read more


The Department of Mathematics and Science education was formed in 2009, the year the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences came into being. The Department of Mathematics and Sciences Education offers four year programmes to those that are planning a career in education and teaching options to specialize in Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, and Physics Education. It prepares graduate teachers for high school and tertiary levels. The areas of focus for the department include: Read more


Our Department of Mathematics has developed mathematical models which explain several useful contents of the subject of mathematics. But this is not just about what we do – this is also about you. Because we’re equally as passionate about giving you the chance to find your own way, make your own discoveries and put your mark on the world. We know our work is better in a shared academic community that includes you. Where you are coming from and your journey up to this point will have given you your own personal perspectives and ideas. Your experience, energy and willingness to ask the difficult questions benefits you and us… Read more