The establishment of the School was approved in June 2008. It originated in the School of Technology with the introduction of the BSc in Mathematics and Science Education. The School seeks to develop mathematicians, scientists, and teachers of mathematics and science. The School comprises of six Departments: Biological Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematics and Science Education and Computer Science.
The Department of Mathematics and Science Education prepares graduate teachers for high school and tertiary levels. All Departments offer BSc, MSc, and, with the envisioned continuing growth in capacity in terms of infrastructure and expertise, Doctoral programmes in their respective disciplines.

To become a recognised centre of excellence committed to the advancement of mathematical and scientific knowledge and innovations and to the advancement of exemplary teaching/learning of mathematics and science.

Five  Mandates

  1. Provide rigorous foundational courses in mathematics and natural sciences for those students who opt to specialize in Business, Engineering, Natural and Built Environments, and in Technology professions in other Schools in the University.
  2. Provide for the education and training of educators and teachers for Mathematics and Science subjects at the school and tertiary levels.
  3. Publish and disseminate research results, knowledge, and innovations to society.
  4. Provide opportunities for advanced theoretical and practical learning in the Mathematics and the Natural Sciences for those interested in careers deriving in these fields.
  5. Conduct research to advance knowledge and its application and to advance the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at all levels of education.