opperbelt University Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma has called for concerted efforts in meeting the growing demand of attaining higher education.

Professor Ngoma said the pressure to provide degrees should not affect the quality of education.

“There is demand for quality education and the pressure for having a University degree is very high which in turn affects the entry requirements and disadvantages prospect students with lesser points”, said the Professor.

Professor Ngoma added that strategizing and developing policy guidelines will enable institutions of higher learning to provide quality education which can compete favorable on the international market.

‘There is need for a proper strategy in the development of the Open Distance Learning policy ‘ODL’ that will guide DDEOL in providing quality open and distance education.’ He said.

Professor Ngoma was speaking during the official opening of the 3 days workshop recently held by the Copperbelt University in collaboration with the Common Wealth of Learning to develop the Open distance learning policy ODL.

And Acting Director of Distance Education and Open learning at the University Dr Donald Chungu said ODL coupled with ICT is a medium that can be utilized in providing education to candidates desiring to upgrade their qualifications free of time and geographical constraints.

Dr Chungu added that the policy drafted during the 3 days workshop will enable the University to effectively provide quality education through modern age technological facilities.

The policy development team was lead by Dr. Godson Gatsha a consultant from Commonwealth of Learning.

According to Dr Gatsha, the idea of a policy framework is to guide and ensure that an institution is offering quality ODL programmes.

“If a framework isn’t put in place to guide the operations of an institution, the public might doubt its credibility. As we develop this ODL policy, let us ensure that it aligns with CBU’s strategic plan, a policy that speaks to the National Development Plan (NDP), SADC agenda and AU agenda.” Dr Gatsha stated.

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