Eng. Dr. Ebelia Manda is a pioneering figure in Mining Engineering, serving as a Lecturer and Researcher at Copperbelt University. As the first Zambian female PhD holder in the field, she sets a standard of excellence. With a Bachelor’s from University of Zambia and a Master’s from University of Exeter’s Camborne School of Mines, UK, Ebelia has 13 years of work experience in academia and in underground and open-pit copper mines, notably at Konkola Copper Mines and Barrick Gold Mine. Her research spans Mine Technology, Slope Stability Analysis, Mineral Economics, Blast Optimization, Mine Health and Safety, Environmental Assessment, Ventilation Design, Artisanal Mining, and Gender Equity. Membership in Women in Mining and Engineering Institute of Zambia reflects her commitment to knowledge advancement and gender parity. Ebelia epitomizes leadership and expertise, inspiring the next generation of mining professionals.