How to Apply

Students shall be admitted following advertisement for a period of at least 2 months in the national press. Admission shall be based on the following:

Admission Requirements

Internal Selection

This is intended for students in the School of Natural Sciences Non Quota who select Medicine or Dentistry as their first choice after 1 year in the SNM at the Copperbelt University

  1. Pass in all the courses in the SNMS Non quota
  2. A minimum of 8 points in Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics and Biology
  3. A comment of clear pass

External Selection (Parallel Program)

This is intended for students not in the CBU SMNS Non quota group, and includes eligible students with equivalent qualifications from other schools, institutions or Universities

  1. “A” level qualifications atleast with a minimum of passes in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics or its equivalent
  2. Students with 1 year in Natural sciences at any approved University with passes in Mathematics,biology,Chemistry and Physics will be admissible.
  3. Direct entry students will be those with BSc in Natural Sciences with Biology and Chemistry majors or health related sciences will be admissible. Students with credits and above will be preferred.

Admission Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

This is a 3 year program leading to the award of a BSc in Clinical Medicine. It is intended to upgrade the skills and knowledge for holders of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine. However any health professional with a Diploma in health sciences may apply.

Admission Criteria

  1. Diploma in clinical Medicine or Health related field
  2. A levels with passes in Mathematics,Chemistry,Physics and Biology
  3. One year in the School of Natural Sciences with passes in Mathematics,Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Admission Bachelor for Post Graduate Courses

The CBU SOM offer two types of Postgraduate training programs. These programs are the following;

  1. Clinical Master degrees
  2. Research Degrees

Admission Requirements

  1. The basic medical degree of MBChB or equivalent
  2. At least 2 years post qualifying experience
  3. Registration with the Health Professions Council of Zambia

Research Programs

These are programs designed to train Medical Scientists in the areas of Basic Medical Sciences( these include Anatomy,Physiology,Laboratory Sciences etc) and Clinical sciences(these include Medicine, Surgery,Urology etc). The cadres maybe a Medical Doctors, Veterinary Doctors, Health professionals or other scientist with the essential pre-requisites in the area of Medical Sciences. The program will train a cadre of scientists to support Basic Medical Sciences research as well as Clinical sciences research. It serves to promote a career path in Academic research in Medicine.

Two programs are offered in this field namely;

  1. Master of Science Degree (leading to a career as a Senior Medical Scientist, who would manage an Academic Research unit within the University system or other similar institutions)
  2. Doctor of Science Degree (leading to a career as a Expert Medical Scientist, who would manage an Academic Research department or institute within the University or other similar institutions )

Admission Requirements

  1. For Master of Science – this is a structures 2 year degree by research with annual panel evaluation for progression.
    1. The candidate will be required to have BSc in a natural science, health sciences or equivalent
    2. The BSc degree should normally have been obtained with a credit or higher
    3. Candidates with MBChB or BVM admissible to this program
    4. Some research experience will be an added advantage
  2. For the Doctor of Science degree – this is a structured 3 year degree program by research, with annual panel evaluation for progression.
    1. Candidates are expected to have MSc degree in Medical or Health Science and equivalents
    2. Medical and Veterinary Doctors with Masters degrees in clinical areas are also admissible
    3. Research experience is vital for admission

Applications can be made online at the CBU website