The Special Collections Department is a research wing of the Copperbelt University (CBU) Library. As a collection of “libraries” in one library, it endeavours to support research, learning, and scholarly communication through the collection and provision of rare books, manuscripts, and other documents that constitute an important body of information on various disciplines. The department also collects materials published within CBU and from external sources for use by CBU students, lecturers, and staff. Materials found in Special Collections are categorized as University Publications, Zambian, Government Publications, and Periodicals. Access to the Special Collections is restricted to our users with a valid ID card.


This collection comprises information resources that have been written and published by CBU Central Administration, staff and faculty. Students’ and lecturers’ theses and dissertations can also be found here. This area is very rich in that it adds value to the production of local content while also contributing to the existing body of knowledge.


Comprises resources about Zambia in general and in particular by its people in any discipline.


This category comprises government publications ranging from ministries to lower organs like local government, Parliament debates, National Development Plans, National Budgets, Census Reports, Education Reports, and Monetary Statements among others.


The section holds materials published by international organisations such as the United Nations, World Bank, COMESA, SADC, ECOWAS, and international organizations on various subjects relevant to the need of Copperbelt University.


Local News Papers and bulletins are also found in Special Collections


  • Assisting users in the research process
  • Assisting users to locate materials
  • Offer references services
  • Attend to students’ queries and provides assistance appropriately.
  • Provide scholarly communication
  • Provide instruction and engagement to our users on various subjects.