The Department of Law situated in the newly birthed School of Humanities & Social Sciences is a fulfillment of the aim of the Copperbelt University of promoting and advancing education.  The Department of Law has given its students an opportunity to have an insight into a system of rules and regulations whose enforcement ensures an orderly society.  Law plays a key role in establishing and maintaining the moral, social, organizational, political and legal structures in society and its clear understanding in its totality is fundamental.  The responsive nature of the Department is identified through its rich curriculum that is responsive to the needs of the community.

 Though not a fully-fledged Law School, the Department of Law has a niche of being the first in the country to introduce environmental & mining law and medical law courses.  The addition of these courses to the curriculum will add a strong analytical and practical relevance to the Copperbelt Province and to society as a whole.    

 Being able to tap students from the industry to pursue the evening law programme and the school leavers for the full time programme, all in one score is but one of the attractive features of students to the Copperbelt University, and the cornerstone upon which the Department is established.

In an effort to meet high accreditation levels and excellence, the Department of Law is committed to strategically and deliberately directing its attention, emphasis and focus to the promotion of internationally tested and contemporary courses such as the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, Environmental & Mining Law, and Intellectual Property Law, amongst others. 


To contribute to the development of Zambia by educating all persons who meet the set standard and threshold to attain the professional education that will help sustain the country’s legal needs in both the industry and service sectors.  Emphasis is be placed on sourcing aid for well deserving girl students from the industry.    


The Department of Law will not only provide an undergraduate Degree in Law but is set to contribute an LLM and Ph.D programme of study to the School of Postgraduate.  Its syllabus is designed in such a way as to ensure that it complies with the entry requirements to ZIALE for the Bar examinations of our students intending to practice law. As such the syllabus is formulated with both traditional as well as contemporary courses that are challenging and have a strong analytical and practical relevance to society as a whole.  Some of the courses are new to the Zambian setting but tested internationally and all aimed at meeting high accreditation levels.  The teaching standard and course component are subjected to rigorous reviews in order to maintain high standards and remain up to date.  The excellence of the learning material and the credentials of its faculty are the Department’s foundational framework.  


Academic excellence will be attained by firstly ensuring that the faculty is composed of highly qualified staff with experience and capability of disseminating knowledge of an international caliber to the students.  Secondly, the Department of Law plans that its students have a distinct research quality law library offering relevant and high quality electronic books and journals, legal literature including statutes and non-legal references.  The quality of its graduates at both undergraduate and postgraduate level will be second to none.