Zambia, like many other third world countries has many organisations that have acquired many computers. In some organisations these computers are under utilised, if they are used at all.

This scenario is due to the fact that Zambia has a shortage of skilled computing manpower to put these machines to good use. The proper utilisation of these machines will benefit both the organisations concerned and the nation at large. On the other hand, if Zambia had enough skilled computing manpower then many organisations would have seen the need to acquire and use computers to their own advantage.

Each organisation, be it public or private needs information to help its managers (decision makers) to make sound decisions. This information should reach these managers in time for them to make the required decisions. Furthermore, this information should be correct, accurate, relevant and complete. Computers are known for their ability to deliver such quality information.

Many individuals and organisations in Zambia are hungry for computer education. They see the need for qualified manpower in this area. Many organisations (public and private) are sending their employees to other countries for computer training. In this way, these organisations and the nation at large lose a lot of the so much needed foreign exchange.

There is, therefore, the need for computer professionals to work out some scheme that will satisfy this need. This is a challenge to us as computer professionals. The questions to answer are: For how long shall we let this situation continue?Do we have solutions to this problem?

Expected  outcome

The specific objectives are to produce graduates:

  1. have a sound knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software
  2. have a sound good knowledge of the principles and practices of information technology
  3. can design, develop and maintain computer program systems
  4. are immediately productive upon completion of the programme
  5. can cope with new trends in the area of information and communications technology


  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology