Student Research

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. The Impact of Government policies and individual traits on the growth of SME’s in Zambia- Margret Kaniki Siwale
  2. Sustainability of road infrastructure for the Pre and post Link Zambia 8000- Christopher Mulenga Nondo (at Proposal stage)

Master of Business Administration

Currently there are thirteen research projects going on and various stages. These include

  1. Elijah Chifulo: “ A study of the relationship between the construction sector growth, GDP and employment in Zambia ”
  2. Peter Yamba: “ Sensitivity analysis of Open Pit Net Present Value: A case of Mopani Copper Mines ”
  3. Chanda Adrian Mwansa: “ A study of the relationship between foreign exchange volatility and SME profitability and growth in Zambia. ”
  4. Kaputo Timothy: “ A study of the effectiveness of government policy on foreign direct investment in Zambia (1992-2013) ”
  5. Musama Chile: “ Evaluation of the impact of the Reserve Ratio Requirements by the Central Bank on the supply and demand ”
  6. Hamala Michelo Ester: “ The Impact of the Kwacha Depreciation on Zambia’s Economic performance ”
  7. Winfred M H Likubi: “ An analysis of the effectiveness of trade policy for agro-products export in Zambia. ”
  8. Chimunya Mooba: “ The Impact of Statutory Instrument 55 on the Zambian foreign exchange market ”
  9. Chikumbi Tomson: “ A study of factors that make the pump price of fuel higher in Zambia than other countries in the SADC region ”
  10. Simaamba Habenzu: “ The impact of the input subsidy on maize production among small scale farmers in Sesheke district. ”
  11. Isaac Chungu Kaputo: “ A study of the effects of interest rates on demand for credit by SME’s in Lusaka. ”
  12. Bwalya Mabo: “ An assessment of factors that contribute to credit default in the banking sector in Zambia: a case of Lusaka District. ”
  13. Sakala Yolam: “ Analytic study of the trends of GDP in Zambia using Chukwu’s model ”