The three political heavyweights contesting for Presidency in the up coming COBUSU Executive

Leadership is an imperative aspect of every society and as such it’s crutial that the people we entrust with such responsibilities are of considerable stature and possess the qualities needed to execute their duties. The Copperbelt University School of Medicine is no exception to the rule, with the exception of some people that witnessed some events known only to them, the rest of society invented a system of elections that assess their candidates through a series of campaigns, a democratic system that bases its foundation on people having the discretion to choose their own leaders, however such a system depends on voters possessing adequate information for them to make an informed decision, as a Press and Information Organisation of the School of Medicine, it is our obligation to avail such information to the general populace or what student politicians would call the “panaconda”.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

The student’s union is a major aspect of university welfare as it sits at the heart of the student plight and grievances related to the life of the student, currently most institutions of higher earning in Zambia house at least an entity that speaks for the students in engagement with management and other stakeholders, this is in accordance with the University Act of 1999. Some of the major functions of our union include liaising with stakeholders including the students themselves, organizations of social events, overseeing the academic and financial welfare of students, help protect student rights and generally making sure the learning environment is not only conducive but pleasing to the students, there was a time when student unions were heavily involved national politics during an era that some may describe as less than appealing

Alas! we moved forward to this time when the calibre of the union is judged solely on the hasty deposition of allowances

The end of an academic year looms and with it brings the descent of one administration and the installation of another. The previous administration led by Pres. Choolwe Shatewa had its fair share of triumphs and failures and we look to the new union for emulation and hope for better welfare. This edition seeks to expound the virtues of these candidates and shed more light on their manifestos. A manifesto night will be held on the 16th of May 2017 were the population will be allowed to question some of their proclamations, in addition to that a Presidential Debate on the 15th.

As per COBUSU Constitution, a satellite campus such as the Ndola School of Medicine shall have a union under delegation from the main campus union. The positions are the Satellite Vice President who acts as the President, under their executive, the will lead the Secretary General, Academics and Welfare Secretary, Treasurer (Finance and Investment Secretary), Sports and Entertainment Secretary and the newly created Publicity and Information Secretary.

Meet Zacks Ndumba Wallace; a 3rd year Medical Student

 “The crankshaft of mother SOM.”

Ever heard of a crankshaft, it’s a part of vehicle that transmits power developed by the engine to various parts of a vehicle, in layman’s term it’s a link between input and output, without a crankshaft, a vehicle won’t move. Perfect symbolism I presume for a Presidential Candidate. Meet Zacks Ndumba

The crankshaft of mother SOM, a bold statement coming from a bold young man. Zacks Ndumba, the charismatic third year MBChB student, outspoken with a vocabulary wide enough to send the brilliant Prof Bowa looking for his dictionary, no offence to the Prof. With a history of leadership under his belt, he served as Prefect and Vice Head Boy at St Marcellin’s secondary school, graduating high school with awards in exemplary leadership and outstanding performance. The burning desire to lead, enact change, serve the interests of and welfare of stu
dents has prompted Zacks to enter student politics and unionism, a quality that has always been with him and led him to be actively involved in such activities for the greater part of his student life, with that intrinsic motivation Zacks engineered himself to one day stand for President. Wherever I am in society, people always take me for someone they can put at the battle front perhaps because of the passion to bring out objectivity where necessary. “My goal is to provide leadership that will address the concerns of the majority to create an equitable learning environment that will satisfy the interests of the majority” he said and this fact is quite evident by the support he receives. Soooooooooo!!!!!, like Professor Mwanakasale would put it, what does the captivating Zacks Ndumba have to offer?

He illustrated his plans and vision for the school of medicine in his manifesto, his major ideas are the reintroduction of tutorials and seminars to supplement traditional knowledge and the provision of course outlines for all courses, appealing to management to procure the necessary learning materials including a PA system for lecture theatres, adequate number of projectors, and setting up of an open Wi-Fi, probe the planning of the Public Health Degree next academic year with regard to the meeting he held with Prof. Seter Siziya this term, on condition that a Public Health Syllabus be provided which he will inevitably make available with pursuit from make available with pursuit from University of Lusaka (UNILUS). SOM being an infant institution, there is need to have it put out there so it garners the confidence of the public in tomorrow’s doctors. The solution?

He appeared a few weeks ago on SUN FM, 88.5 FM in which he points to a need for the introduction of a health educational program courtesy of Copperbelt University School of Medicine, SOM called “Tomorrows Doctors on Air” that is to be sponsored by a particular company, this is intended to market the name of SOM and contribute to the promotion of preventive medicine by delivering health information to the community via the Media. He promises to ensure students get their loans on time in accordance with the fact that the funds are no longer bursaries but loans that have to be credited on the agreed day, meetings shall be held with the Loan Board to ensure that payments are made on the exact date stipulated. The setting up of a gym, sporting amenities and other extracurricular activities at the Michael Chilufya Sata campus, he owes the optimism of this venture based on a meeting he had with the former Dean, Prof Kasonde Bowa. Setting up of meal facilities such as tuckshops and restaurants to provide services to students at break time and on those days when Dr Besa and Dr Petrenko decide to test the theory of how long a student can stay in class before the information starts to fly over their head, Ohh Pardon Me, Professor Chola Besa, under license from COBUSU or provision by the union itself. Improve the sanitary conditions at MCS campus and engagement of the Ministry of Health if need be. He plans on appealing to management for a new bus and look for other alternate supplements. Personally, spearhead the collective review of the curriculum through a student survey aimed at presenting a clear report that will include suggestions, concerns and recommendations that is to be backed by consulting other curriculums and systems. Lobby for the extension of the Loan Scheme to parallel students and the reduction of registration fees and percentages paid required for one to sit for sessional examinations. His talks on plans ended with an issue that is at the heart of most preclinical students and that is sanitation, he points to the efforts he took as an ordinary student to ensure that sanitation is improved. He is more than confident that with necessary support from the students and other stakeholders, he will achieve most if not all the plans and visions he has for SOM in the next academic year.


Meet Fortune Mumba, a 4th year MBChB student who previously held the position of Secretary General, he is one candidate the populace is all too familiar with

“Pioneering Excellence for a Greater SOM”

The seasoned leader who bases his motivation on wanting to promote and pioneer academic excellence as well as attain greatness that we can be proud of as the School of Medicine.
Mr Mumba found himself at the School of Medicine driven by a passion and dream held since childhood, his appreciation of the importance of the medical fraternity came at tender age for the charismatic politician for he needed ponderable and prolonged medical intervention at a tender age, motivated by the dedication, love and support rendered to him by his Doctors, he packed his bags, headed for the dreaded BSc Non Quota and finally found himself in the halls of Ndola Teaching Hospital doing what most dream of doing but fail to achieve.
The self-described doer points to a personality trait of wanting to help get things done, the reason behind his ambitious political adventure he says is the need to act, step up and the responsibility to invest all energies in striking change. Rejecting the notion of politics, he views his career as more of a hunger to bring change, improve learning, and bring about some positive transformation in the school as well as in its international and private sector relations including strategies that can help improve SOM and in turn, its own trained doctors, one would think if they lived in the same time, they would really get along with the guy who coined the popular phrase, be the change you want to see in the world. He describes himself as committed, hardworking, innovative, visionary having the capability to implement strategies and plans as he views them as the main pillars in attaining good results. We are fortunate to have a Fortune that thunders, Iyibuluma

Overwhelmed by the gravity of the position he is vying for, he recognises the standard and responsibility he will have to undertake seeing as he has already cultivated a good rapport with individuals he will constantly be in liaison with, like the election winning strategy used by Edgar Chagwa Lungu of Continuity, he asks of the student population an opportunity to finish what he together with the previous union had set into motion. Will he be as successful as was ECL?

Leaders are born, some are made and some just grab the opportunity to boss people around, it seems the first applies to Fortune, his leadership CV includes Head Boy, Head Prefect, Class Monitor and the most prolific one, Secretary General of COBUSU. He happens to be one of two candidates in the presidential race that will not only be judged by his prowess but by his conduct in the previous administrations, under the guidance of Pres. Choolwe Shatewa, he believed the administration did much but still acknowledges that more needs or needed to be done.

He highlights the major shortcomings of his administration being the dissemination of information, rectified currently by the introduction of the two new positions, Publicity Secretary and Committee Member, in addition to this he plans on introducing a suggestion box and notice boards at major locations to finally show this problem of information dissemination who is boss, among his other major plans is the increased interaction between clinical and preclinical students that promises to foster a mentor programme. God knows we need assistance with understanding Dr Mubikayi.

Due to the increased demand of medical school financially and otherwise, he plans on fighting for increased allowances and push for greater public and private partnership that can implement programs that can help the students enhance their clinical skills, expose their school and earn a little extra income in the process. Other major issues he seeks to address is the public health degree, a library to be opened at MCS and ADH satellites, installation of student exclusive Wi-Fi and further look for ways that will aid in accommodating the growing population of students at both the hospital and hillcrest area. It is worth mentioning that Fortune held a very important position in the previous administration and their accomplishments cannot be attributed exclusively to him but to the entire union.

So why Fortune? Why not Monday or Zacks? He points out consistency, training and experience, highlighting the fact that his opponents are either fresh from the bench without any union leadership experience or held lower positions that have no significant competence building in the position of President.

“Minding “your” business.”

Fortune is quite cheeky! Umukamba ulya wama cheeky sana! are sentiments uttered by individuals that have had interactions with him and are utterances he is well familiar with. The unapproachable demeanour, distant, doesn’t accept Facebook friend requests( the editor can attest to that) are all accusations he is familiar with as they have political relevance, the major being diffusion of information, approachability as well as bridging the gap between leaders and students.

He admits to the slight asocial behaviour but rejects the notion of him being socially withdrawn. He asks the student population not to prejudge him on this one facet of his personality as he has been working on it and he appreciates the need for a leader to be socially open.

Meet Monday Sichula a 4th year medical, MBChB

Most people hate Mondays, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with this Monday, a 4th Year MBChB student. Currently the group representative for his rotation in internal medicine, vice captain for the school football team ,part of the organizing committee for the final year graduates dinner and head of ushers for the catholic students community. What do you think? Jack of all trades? Monday Sichula believes that in changing coordination, interaction and efficiency, we as the children of SOM have to create an atmosphere fertile for student participation. He emphasises that efficiency, team work and the desire for a students driven union is what sets him apart from his counterparts. Wait! He also talked about thinking outside the box.
#CBU_SOM Press “Minding “your” business.”
Some students have already had a taste of his leadership when he served as Sports and Entertainment Secretary which he described as being fruitful, he to the development of a football team, netball team and chess team. Furthermore, he talks of being the guy to have pushed for the first ever consignment of sports equipment as well as having promoted interaction between SOM and other schools. His tenure boasts to have been full of interactive programmes between senior and junior students in the form of open air clinics and sports tournaments. Ever wondered why the current unions pre-order tickets and arrange transportation for football matches? Monday’s transitional achievements is the answer. ‘Not bad for a humble spodo” Something Edward needs to emulate.

In what he terms his 10-Point action plan that has been distributed around campus highlighting his manifesto, he feels he is best positioned to understand the problems faced by both preclinical and clinical student, he is committed to changing the culture and to ensure smarter initiatives and project management that works for the betterment of mother SOM. He plans upon election to lead partnerships with citizens, organizations and neighbouring communities so as to achieve sustainable prosperity, growth and structural reforms that will make for the furtherance of the institution common interests. He is confident that upon election into office, he will be able to partner with companies like Vodafone to try and sort out sanitation issues, he also promises a partnership with health promoting organizations . A partnership that will see students go out to teach health related issues in communities, a deliberate move to sale the name of the school as well as benefit the community. Other issues raised in his 10 point plan are issues to do with water and sanitation at the new campus, termly maintenance of lecture theatres as well as making the cafeteria conducive for study to complement the very small library. Being a clinical student, he feels its high time clinical students started getting the hepatitis B vaccine, an issue that has been subject to controversy as well as ensure a conducive environment at ADH before the coming of the promised lecture block. He desires to help build on the wonderful student community we have here. He envisions a union which is a happy, safe and welcoming for every student, together with elected officials serve the present and build a prosperous future for our beautiful setting for student generations to come.

We as an organisation would like to pass our sincere apologies to the other candidates contesting for various position within the union for not publishing their profile, this is due to various circumstances and reasons that were inevitably beyond our control. However we wish them all the best in their campaigns and we are hoping they make good use of the manifesto night.

Secretary General
1. Samuel Shangala, 2nd Year MBChB 2. Clifford Mwamba Kabwe, 4th Year MBChB 3. Chrispin Mweemba, 3rd year MBChB

Academics Secretary
1. Godfrey Ngandu, fmr Academics Secretary, 2nd Year MBChB 2. Mwansa Jubedah, 3rd Year MBChB

Finance and Investment Secretary
1. Tiyamike Phiri, 3rd Year MBChB 2. George Chilundika, 2nd Year MBChB

Publicity and Information Secretary
1. Danny Kambole, 2nd Year MBChB 2. Naomi Mulwendo, 2nd Year MBChB

The committee members are as follows, Diana Mwale a 2nd Year Student, Derrick Musole, a 2nd Year Student and Micheal This Micheal That Phiri also a 2nd Year Student.


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