Inventors and Innovators Association of Zambia Expo

Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has commended the Copperbelt University for supporting and promoting innovation and invention among the youth through public exhibitions.

Speaking during the launch of the Africa Science Expo, hosted by the Inventors and Innovators Association of Zambia (IIAP) in collaboration with the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) and the Copperbelt University (CBU), Mr Mpundu said Public exhibitions create opportunities for development and sponsorship of innovative ideas.

“Science is the backbone of development and through such platforms, inventors will be able to expose their work and get sponsorship” He said.

Copperbelt University Director of Research and Innovation Dr Lenox Siwale said the Copperbelt University is committed to supporting the development of innovations through facilitating technology development.

“The Copperbelt University promotes innovation and invention through active participation and partnership with various organizations by providing a platform for the young inventors”, he said.

Meanwhile, Inventors and Innovators Association of Zambia (IIAP) President Gezile Chalwe said the association will continue to create platforms for exposure of innovators and inventors.

“We are here to harness inventions and innovations for sustainable industrialized development in Zambia through provision of platforms such as this science expo which has started in Kitwe but will also be rolled out to other parts of the country. She said.

The science expo launched in Kitwe attracted over hundred inventors from across the province.  The notable one among the projects on exhibit was a vehicle made from scrap metal and water pump as engine.


The IIAZ was established in 2017 with the mandate to promote science and innovation from various disciplines. They have since embarked on a programme of identifying inventions among learners from different fields




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