The Copperbelt University through the Dag Hammarskjöld Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (DHIPS), in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Science held a colloquium to discuss the pros and cons of Bill No 10. The colloquium sought to recommend the way forward in order to move away from the demonstrated polarized ways of debating the Bill.  The end result is to move the nation out of the uniformed position and promote a unified citizenry for peaceful debate of such important national issues.

The public discussion rides on the Minister of Justice’s statement reported in the ZNBC TV1 main news of Sunday 23rd February 2020. In the main, the statement called upon citizens to engage in constructive debates on the Bill. The opportunity for these debates to provide feedback has opened a new window for a critical and balanced reappraisal of Bill No. 10 of 2019 before it is debated and enacted into law. The discussion was attended by citizens from all walks of life and career backgrounds.

Here under are the highlights of the event:

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