Different kinds of paper is made from fibrous materials, mainly wood. Soft wood is the common source of pulp material for paper making at an industrial scale. Soft wood is preferred because it has longer cellulose fibers than hard wood which are preferred for paper making


Soft wood chips ready for pulping







Other sources of pulp materials are plants that have cellulose. These include, grasses such as elephant grass and thatching grass that are common in our environment. ELEPHANT GRASS is common along most streams in Zambia


RAGS that are made of cotton and linen fibers from textile and garment mills cuttings, and flax fibers are ideal for paper making


Used Paper is also an ideal source of raw material for paper making.


  • The bulk of the paper we use comes from soft wood.
  • We can save trees by using alternative sources of materials especially other plant materials such as elephant grass and thatching grass
  • In addition we can also recycle used paper and rags that are left as trimmings from our textile industries.
  • Trees can be left as our carbon sinks to mitigate against global warming.
  • GREEN POLICY should be adopted by all concerned.
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