Career  opportunities

Given the diversity in the ways forest products are used; it is no surprise that the employment prospects for wood scientists and technologists are just as numerous. Graduates will find that the education they receive in Wood Science and Technology is highly transportable to other fields because of the strength of the curriculum. Employment prospects are often in manufacturing, construction, mining, marketing, technical services and management training. Our Wood Science and Technology graduates can choose career paths depending on their interest as follows:

  • Wood Scientists: Includes those who are interested in wood as an engineering material. Equipped with knowledge of wood and its fundamental characteristics graduates are able to develop more productive, efficient and sustainable ways of using wood and products of wood. They combine their technical knowledge of wood as an engineering material with knowledge of wood structures, in solving problems in building construction, in manufacturing and mining. Many work in research and development for industry, government or universities. They use imagination, inquisitiveness and insight in understanding wood and developing new products.

Wood technologists: Wood technology is a more industrial path to learn how wood can be processed into various products sustainably and efficiently. Graduates interested in this branch wok as timber & material procurement officers in sawmills, particleboard and plywood mills and as production managers. Others work in mines as process supervisors. They also work as Quality assurance Officers, production supervisors, and process engineers for companies that manufacture furniture, cabinets, and state-of-the-art engineered wood products.  Some are entrepreneurs.