Career  opportunities

Current emphasis in Agroforestry is focused in maximizing returns from demonstrably sustainable resource uses; value addition research on agroforestry products and services; and low input food and energy production by utilizing one or more agroforestry techniques. This entails that job opportunities and career prospects for qualified agroforesters exist in a wide range of institutions and organizations as middle management personnel who offer technical and scientific support to prospective employers. Examples of institutions and organizations that can employ an agroforester are but not limited to the following:


  • Government Departments (e.g. MACO, MTENR, Ministry of Education),
  • Non Governmental Organizations,
  • Agriculture and Forestry Private Firms,
  • Banks,
  • Development Agencies,
  • Consultancy Institutions,
  • International Organizations,
  • Research Institutions,
  • Universities
  • As an Entrepreneur (Self employment)