The Departments in the School are as follows:

Departments operate under the leadership of a Head of Department. Each Department operates through a Departmental Boards and a Board of Examiners through which quality standards of teaching and research may be assured. These departmental Boards look into the running of academic matters in respective departments; moderate examination results prior to the School's Examination Committee Meetings. Boards are answerable to the Board of Studies.

Academic regulations in the Departments are designed to be consistent with the School General Regulations. Each Department offers specialist programmes from the BSc level and leading to doctoral studies. Both Departmental and School Regulations shall be used in conjunction with the General Regulations of the University.

Departments must be consulted for their approved programmes that may not be featured in this edition of the SMNS Handbook. Future editions shall carry all approved programmes.The Departments of Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences are planning to offer, respectively, the Bachelor of Science in Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Double major options in the BSc may be available in the following combinations: Biology and Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics, and Mathematics and Physics.

Departments are responsible for the coordinated teaching of Mathematics and Natural Science Foundational Courses needed for specialised study in the Schools of Business, Natural Resources, Built Environment, Engineering & Mines and Mineral Sciences. Departments have the responsibility for the logistical arrangements for this.