Department  (History)

  • The Computer Science department was established in 1995. The department was initially housed in the then School of Technology until 2009 when the School was split into two Schools. The Department could not fit in the two created schools and was placed in the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The department begun with one program (BSc in Computer Science) and later on in 2003, introduced a diploma programme in IT. Currently the department is running a total of Seven (7) programs, One (1) Diploma programme, Four (4) Degree programs and Two (2) Masters programs (history)


Our mission as a department is to create and disseminate knowledge, to build a well-trained cadre of Computer Scientists, Information Technologists, Computer Engineers and ICT teachers who shall actively participate in the development ICTs locally and abroad, and to engage in research aimed at providing solutions to the Zambian community and beyond.

Curricula, Research, and Community

Our undergraduate and graduate curricula introduce students to the emerging fields of computing and at the same time provide them with solid training in its foundations. Similarly, research in our department spans fields that range from core subjects to emerging fields such as Internet of things, Big data, High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing.

Our Lecturers share their expertise by lecturing both introductory and advanced courses, serving in leadership roles within and outside the University. For instance Prof Dr. Libati Hastings once served as Director at the Directorate of ICT, Dr. Mufungulwa served a President for the Academic union, and Dr. Ntalasha served a Deputy president for the Academic Union, Dr. Chaamwe served as chairman for the Medical scheme and currently Prof Mbale is serving as Inaugural Director at the Directorate of research and Innovations and Mr. Lengwe is currently the Assistant Dean for the School of mathematics and Natural Sciences.

You will find our department to be a lively, invigorating, and welcoming place. Women comprise about 19{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} of Lecturers. Te department has a mixture of young people and experienced and they have blended very well. The department currently boasts of seven (7) PhD holders of which two (2) are professors, three (3) Senior Lecturers and two (2) Lecturers grade 1.

Our graduate students have created a very active club known as ICT society, to further engage their peers in social, career, and technical development activities.

Whether you are interested in joining us or simply want information about our programs and other activities, we encourage you to write to us on ………………….or visit our department and interact with our community to learn more about the great work we do here.


Dr. N. Chaamwe Head, Department of Computer Science


The key learning outcomes of this programme are:

  1. BSc students trained in Computer Science
  2. Professionals with skills in Computer Science
  3. Graduates who are capable of applying concepts and principles of Computer Science to solve challenges faced by organisations