• To proceed to the next year of study, a candidate must pass ALL the courses taken during the academic year of study.
  • The Board of Examiners may permit a candidate who has failed in no more than one course to proceed and repeat the failed course along with the full load for the subsequent year; except where the failed course is a pre-requisite to a higher course in which case the candidate shall not be allowed to take a higher course for which a failed course is a prerequisite.
  • To complete a programme of study a candidate shall:
  • attend at least 80{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} of such classes, tutorials, seminars, practical exercises or field practicals as may be prescribed by the Board of Studies in consultation with the Lecturer(s) concerned;
  • Perform to the satisfaction of the Board of Studies such prescribed practical, written and other course work as shall be required;
  • Obtain an overall pass grade in all the courses.
  • The assessment of students in a course consists of continuous assessment and the final examination. The continuous assessment and the final examination are weighed as 40/60 for both diploma programmes and degree programmes.
  • The continuous assessment consists of tests, assignments, laboratory work, projects and any other work that maybe assigned by a Lecturer.
  • The continuous assessment consists of at least two assessments in each term.
  • A student who fails to satisfy the requirements for continuous assessment shall not be allowed to sit for the sessional examinations.

In assessing the performance of a candidate in a course the examiners shall:

  1. Take into consideration the work done by the candidate during the year along with performance in the examination;
  2. Give due weight to a report on practical work done by the candidate, wherever these are required;
  3. Where oral work is required for a course or subject, unless otherwise provided, a pass in it shall be necessary.

The following grading scheme shall be applied for both DEGREE and DIPLOMA:


85-100{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} A+ Distinction
76-84{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} A Distinction
68-75{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} B+ Meritorious
62-67{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} B Very Satisfactory
56-61{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} C+ Definite Pass
50-55{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} C Bare Pass
40-49{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} D+ Bare Fail
0-39{d109a564b5af1069e15ea8bc524cfa1dbeb8a016430020a6fc53ea8abd8ad77b} D Definite Fail


There shall be grade codes as set out below:

                                                A+           Distinction

                                                 A            Distinction

                                                 B+          Meritorious

                                                 B            Very Satisfactory

                                                 C+          Clear Pass

                                                 C            Bare Pass

                                                 D+          Bare Fail

                                                 D            Fail

                                                 F            Fail in Practical/Industrial Attachment

                                                 P            Pass in a Practical/Industrial Attachment

 NE         No examination taken

                                                 LT          Left without permission

                                                DQ          Disqualified

                                                 WP        Withdrawal with permission

 P            Compensatory Pass

 EX          Exempted

 DEF       Deferred

 FCA       Failed in Continuous Assessment

 NAT       Insufficient Class Attendance

 PC         Proceed and Carry

 PR         Proceed and Repeat

 PCR      Proceed and Carry and Repeat


Classification of Degrees


The degree of Bachelor of Engineering/ Science is classified as Distinction, Merit, Credit, or Pass. To calculate the degree classification the following shall be applied starting from Third to Fifth year of study for the School of Mines and Mineral Sciences:


A+ A B+ B C+ C A+ A B+ B C+ C
5 4 3 2 1 0 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0



The points for classification of the degree shall be as follows:

53 and above Distinction
38 – 52.5 Merit
23 – 37.5 Credit
0 – 22.5 Pass

A student who fails in a course with a D+ shall be granted a pass grade of P provided he or she meets the following conditions:

  • Should not have failed in more than two (2) courses in an academic year of six (6) or more courses.
  • Should not have failed in more than one (1) course in an academic year of three (3) courses.
  • If on Full Time study, the candidate must have obtained an average grade of C+ or better in (X-2) number of courses passed, where ’X’ is the full load of courses in that particular year.
  • If on Part Time study, the candidate must have obtained an average grade of C+ or better in the courses passed.
  • Have passed in the continuous assessment component of the course being considered for a compensatory pass.

The Board of Examiners shall refer a student to Part-Time studies in the following cases:

  • Any student who has failed three courses.
  • A full time student who fails a repeat course(s) shall go on Part-Time studies for the failed course(s) only.
  • A final year student who fails a repeat course(s) shall be allowed to repeat the course(s) in the following year together with any final year courses failed if he/she is within the maximum period of study.
  • A student referred to Part-Time study MUST pass all courses before being allowed to proceed to Full-Time study.
  1. A candidate, who through illness or other reasonable cause is unable to present himself/herself for an examination, sessional or otherwise, may make an application to the School for the consideration of his/her case. Such application shall be forwarded to the Dean of School before commencement of Sessional examinations.
  2. The Dean of the School after consideration of any application may permit the applicant to present himself/herself at a deferred examination. The results of a deferred examination shall be treated in a similar manner as those obtained at scheduled sessional examinations.

Note: Misreading the examination time-table and pressure of work shall not be considered reasonable cause. The said unwritten examination shall be written at the deferred examinations.

  1. A student who has failed in four or more courses in one academic year shall be excluded from School.
  2. A student who has failed a repeat course(s) while on Part-Time shall be excluded from School.
  • A student who without permission of the Board of Studies fails to sit for examinations in any academic year shall be excluded from School.
  • Subject to regulations governing progression, all courses failed with D+ and D must be repeated.
  • A student who has failed a repeat course shall go on Part-Time study to repeat the failed course. A student who fails the course(s) at Part-Time shall be excluded.
  • A final year student who fails a repeat course shall be allowed to proceed on Part-Time and complete the said course, subject to the rule requiring a student to complete his/her programme of study within the maximum duration of study.
  • Re-admission
  1. Re-admission shall not be automatic but shall be on recommendation by the School after taking into consideration the applicant’s previous academic performance.
  2. Such an excluded student shall be required to stay away for one academic year before next re-admission.
  • A student excluded while on Part-Time when re-admitted shall register for all previous year’s courses.
  • Aegrostate Pass
  A candidate who has been prevented by illness or injury from presenting himself at any examination in any paper, course or subject or who considers that his performance in any examination in any paper, course or subject has been seriously impaired by illness or injury may on application be granted by the Senate an aegrostate pass in such paper, course or subject provided that:-  
  1. The illness or injury was reported in writing to the Registrar within one week of the last day of the examination concerned.
  2. As soon as practicable after the illness is reported, the candidate furnishes the Registrar with certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating that he/she examined the candidate medically on a certain date and that in his opinion the candidate was unable to present himself for the examination or that in his opinion the candidate’s performance in the examination was affected by the illness or injury.
  • The nature of the illness or injury shall be stated in sufficient detail to make it clear that the candidate was not responsible for his disability.
  1. The candidate’s responsible lecturers in the paper, course or subject of the examination in question provided evidence that his work during the year was well above minimum pass standard and that in their opinion the candidate was clearly worthy of a pass in that paper, course or subject; or alternatively that the Senate is satisfied considering the quality of the candidate’s work during the course of instruction and of the work completed in the current examination that the candidate is clearly worthy of a pass in the paper, course or subject in question.


  • No person is entitled to describe himself as holding a degree or diploma granted by the University unless the qualification has been awarded either in person or in absentia at convocation in a general resolution of the Senate.


  • A student who wishes a qualification to be awarded must make application for the award on the form prescribed from time to time under the authority of the Senate whether it is desired that the degree or diploma be awarded in person or in absentia.


  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Regulation, a degree may be awarded posthumously within the twelve months after a person has fulfilled the conditions prescribed for admission to the degree.


Each course, which a student may take, bears a subject symbol and a course number.

Subject Symbol           Subject/field

EN                               Environmental Engineering

CE                               Chemical Engineering

MI                                Mining Engineering

MT                               Metallurgical Engineering

GE                               Geomatics Engineering

GM                               Mining & Exploration Geology

The course number is a three-digit figure. The first digit indicates the year in which the course is normally taken. The second digit indicates the place of the course within a series offered at the level. The third digit indicates whether the course is a full course (a zero ‘0’ at the end) or a half-course (any number from ‘1-9’).

Prerequisites and Co- requisites


A prerequisite is a course, which must have been passed before a student is permitted to register for a next course. A co-requisite is a course, which must be taken concurrently with the course for which it is the co-requisites (unless it has been passed previously).The Head of Department may, at his discretion, waive prerequisites or co-requisites for any course offered by his/her Department, for all students or particular students.