Chemical Engineering  Department


Being the only university in the country offering bachelors degree in the field of chemical engineering, the Chemical Engineering Department is at the forefront of excellence in education and research. It aims to educate students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in modern process engineering principles as well as lifelong professional growth and a dynamic range of career. The programme is fully accredited by the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ). Our goal is to integrate programmes that promote students learning and development, which are handled by well establish and competent staff members. The core values of the programme are to equip students with fundamental principles of chemical engineering through mathematics and engineering sciences. The department endeavors into multi-disciplinary teaching and research programmes that aims at producing world-class graduates that are nationally and internationally competitive. The department is committed to maintaining world-class standard of academic excellence and to preserving our core values of professionalism and integrity. We firmly believe that our profession must continue to find and sustain ways of improving the quality of engineering demand in various industrial sectors.

Career  opportunities

Many graduates work in different and exciting workplaces – not only in the expected settings of the mining and petrochemical industries, but also in a wide variety of process-based disciplines, such as the food, beverage, paint, cement, lime, disposal of waste and pharmaceutical industries. Drawing on the problem-solving skills that are central to the discipline, many CEOs of large companies have combined chemical engineering with a business-related qualification, such as an MBA. Many more work in niche consultancies or run their own businesses. There are also endless opportunities in research and development.

Entry  requirements

The particular requirements are five GCE ‘O’ Level credits or better in the Zambian School Certification or its equivalent as follows: A Pass in English Language plus;
Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C
Mathematics Physical Science Additional Maths
Physics Biology Technical Drawing
Chemistry Sciences Metal/Wood Works

Research Areas and  Consultancy

The Chemical Engineering Department has an established expertise in the following areas of research interest Renewable Energy Petrochemical Engineering Chemical Technologies and Processing Beneficiation of Minerals and Processing Bio-chemical Processes Environmental Management Polymer Science and Technology Water and Wastewater Treatment Cement & Lime Production Nano Technology Heat and Mass Transfer Systems Thermodynamic systems Transport phenomena Membrane Technology

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