Beyond Medicine

Most people assume that all that medical students do is study. It’s true we study a lot but if you dig deeper you’ll discover that there is so much more than just academic excellence which defines us.

Take Placide Ngoma for instance, 4th year medical student a technology savvy class rep and a painter, an artist. He started off like many of us in primary school aimlessly sketching on his book covers. And true to the character of most talented people he was completely oblivious about how good his sketches were and only realized his potential when the compliments started rolling in.

He stuck to pencil work until last year when a good friend of his introduced him to paints. Soon the student surpassed his master and the master herself had no choice but to admit it. Even now Placide remains humble about how talented he is. He draws his inspiration from love despite being completely cynical about love and relationships. Who can understand the mind of an artist and how profound their thought process is 

From my encounter with him over the 3 years that I have been in medical school, Placide is a very jovial person with an almost child-like wonder. He has a different way of looking at the world and I can only assume that’s all part of the magic of art. He says he paints his best work when he is stressed or under pressure (probably from being a medical student). When he is not painting or being a student he enjoys playing basketball and of course he is our resident technologist. If you need someone to set up a projector before class or fix up the software on your PC, Placide is your guy. It’s amazing how much you can discover about medical students once you look past their status


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