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Master of Science in Computer Science


The MSC in Computer Science is aimed at imparting understanding in the general principles of computer science. The program builds on the existing knowledge of students who already have an academic background in Computer Science, Engineering, IT and other related disciplines. The program provides an in-depth coverage in selected, leading-edge, research-based topics within computing.


The key learning outcomes of this programme are to produce post graduates who:

  1. Will have Knowledge and Understanding of fundamental topics in Computer Science, including hardware and software architectures, software engineering, operating systems and software tools;
  2. Will develop skills in research methodology and practice;
  3. Will develop personal responsibilities and professional codes of conduct.
  4. Will develop intellectual (thinking) skills in order to perform problem analysis from written descriptions; derive requirements specifications from an understanding of problems (analysis, synthesis); Create and/or justify designs to satisfy given requirements (synthesis, evaluation, application);
  5. Will be able to communicate effectively by oral, written and visual means using IT skills.
  6. Will be able to perform independent and efficient time management;
  7. Will be able to plan and manage an individual and group research projects of significant size;
  8. Will be able to prepare technical reports to a professional standard;