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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

 Expected outcome

The key learning outcomes of this programme are to produce graduates:

  1. Who can design and develop computer software systems, and maintain those as necessary;
  2. Who have the knowledge of the principles and practice of information technology;
  3. Who have knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software;
  4. Who have the ability to organize and manage material and human resources;
  5. Who are well equipped to initiate, maintain and enhance a computer installation in different organisations;
  6. Who can contribute to programmes of applied research in commercial and industrial problems;
  7. Who can readily work with people in other disciplines; and
  8. Who can continue their studies in post-graduate programs in Zambia and abroad.


Programme Details

Non Quota (School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

CS 235:  Database Systems

CS 230: Software Engineering

CS 220: Computer Architecture And Organisation

CS 225: Introduction To Operating Systems

MA 210: Engineering Mathematics I

PH212: Physics Ii

CS 250: Data Structures, Algorithms And Programming (C++)

CS 301 : Project Management

CS 350: Object Oriented Programming (Java)

CS 361: Introduction To Web Programming

CS 351: Numerical Analysis

MA320: Statistics  And Discrete Mathematics

CS 320: Computer Communication And Parallel Processing

CS345: Compiler Construction And Theory Of Automata

Cs400: Major Project And Seminars

Cs460: Internet Technologies

Mg 411: Management Skills And Entrepreneurship

Cs 445: Computer Security

Cs 471: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Cs 480: Mobile Networks

Cs 422: Real-Time Systems

Cs 432: Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Cs 425: Computer Graphics

CS 473: Human Computer Interface

CS455: Mobile Programming

CS435: Advanced Databases

CS453: Systems Modelling And Simulation

CS 491: Special Topics In Computer Science

Industrial Attachment