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Bachelor of Information Technology


The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is a full-time senate approved and monitored programme that runs in the evenings. The programme has ten (10) levels. Each level lasts six (6) months. The total duration of the programme is therefore five (5) years. The programme has two intakes per year, one in January and the other one in July.


The key learning outcomes of this programme are to produce graduates:

  1. Who have a sound knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software
  2. Who have a sound good knowledge of the principles and practices of information technology
  3. Who can design, develop and maintain computer program systems
  4. Who are immediately productive upon completion of the programme
  5. Who can cope with new trends in the area of information and communications technology
  6. Who can readily work with people in other disciplines; and
  7. Who can continue their studies in post-graduate programs in Zambia and abroad.

Programme Details

BIT 100            Programming in 4 GL

BIT 110            Information Technology

BIT 120            Common Application Packages

BIT 125            Systems Analysis and Design I

BIT 130            Data Communications and Networking

BIT 140            Computer Architecture and Organization I

BIT 145            Mathematics

BIT 200            Programming & Data Structures (using 3Gls)

BIT 225            Systems Analysis and Design II

BIT 230            Internet Technologies I

BIT 245            Computer Architecture and Organisation II

BIT 250            Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

BIT 255            Management Information Systems (MIS)

BIT 260            Internet Technologies II

BIT 275            Database Technology

BIT 280                        Project

BIT 300            Introduction to Web Design and Programming

BIT 315            Human Computer Interface Design

BIT 320            Parallel Processing

BIT 330            Electronic Media Systems and Multimedia

BIT 340            Object Oriented Programming (Java)

BIT 345            Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design

BIT 350            Real-Time Systems

BIT 445            Artificial Intelligence

BIT 420            Information Management and Network Security
BIT 421            Research Methods and Management Skills<
BIT 424            Applied Databases
BIT 440            Mobile Networks and Ubiquitous Computing

BIT 365            Entrepreneurship and Business

BIT 448            Technical Writing and Communication Skills

BIT 450            Electronic Commerce

BIT 453            Information Technology Project Management

BIT 500                        Final Project