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Bachelor of Computer Engineering


The programmes currently being offered by the Computer Science Department are mainly software-oriented with a few hardware courses. Computer Science is a dynamic field and growing at a phenomenal rate. In order to keep up with the latest developments in this field and contribute favourably to national development, the Department proposes to introduce an additional undergraduate programme; the Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

This programme will place particular emphasis on computer hardware. There is a fundamental relationship between computer hardware and many aspects of programming and software components in computer systems. In order to write good software, it is important to understand the computer system as a whole. In addition, this programme will provide knowledge and skills to develop embedded systems with real-time response. Examples of such systems are vehicle control systems, games consoles, mobile devices such as mobile phones, to mention but a few. In order to facilitate the development of such systems, the programme will cover areas such as electronics, software engineering and computer architecture among others.

Expected outcome

The key learning outcomes of this programme are:

  1. Provide knowledge and skills to develop embedded systems with real-time response.
  2. Provide knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software;
  3. Design and develop computer systems and maintain them.
  4. Provide advice for policy development and decision making at country or international level and understand the role of government policy for science and technology in line with the National ICT Policy and the Engineering Institution of Zambia Act.

Programme Details

Non Quota(School of mathematics and natural sciences )

CS 270: Introduction To Computer Engineering

CS 220: Computer Architecture And Organisation

CS 225: Introduction To Operating Systems

MA 210: Engineering Mathematics I

CS 250: Data Structures, Algorithms And Programming (C++)

CS 235:  Database Systems

CS 230: Software Engineering

Cs 301 : Project Management

Cs 341: Analog Electronics

Cs 365: Computer Instruction Set Architecture

Cs 340: Processor Microarchitecture

Cs 350: Object Oriented Programming (Java)

Cs 345: Compiler Construction And Theory Of Automata

Cs 391: Signals And Systems

Cs 321: Data Communications And Networking

Cs 322: Real-Time Systems

Cs 397: Fundamentals Of Robotics

Cs 400: Major Project And Seminars

Cs 460: Internet Technologies

Cs 445: Digital Electronics

Cs 441: System Architecture

Cs 480: Mobile Networks

Cs 491: Digital Signal Processing

Cs 442: Microcontrollers

Mg 411: Management Skills And Entrepreneurship

Cs 421: Implementing System On Chip Designs

Cs 471: Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Cs 432: Object-Oriented Software Engineering

Cs 453: Systems Modelling And Simulation

Cs 425: Computer Graphics

Cs 473: Human Computer Interface

Cs 495: Special Topics In Computer Engineering