Department of Civil Engineering & Construction

Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering that deals with the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of structures and altering nature to suit human needs. Some of the numerous subdivisions are transportation (e.g., railroad facilities, highways and tunnels in the ground); hydraulics (e.g., flood control, irrigation, drainage, water supply, and sewage disposal); and structures (e.g., high rise buildings, factory buildings and bridges).

The transport infrastructure, general municipal services and the construction industry in Zambia continue to demand local skills to ensure that such infrastructure and services are not only designed to internationally approved standards, but are also professionally constructed, managed and maintained.

The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction in the school of Engineering (SoE) addresses the above mentioned ‘local skills demand’ by offering the following programmes:

The design of these programmes is to meet the various challenges of human resource development in the field of Civil Engineering.

Admission Requirements

The applicant should satisfy the following requirements:

At least credits in Mathematics and English Language and any one science subject from :

  • Science
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Any two subjects from :

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Economics/Principles of Accounts/Commerce
  • History
  • Literature in English
  • Art
  • Geometrical and Mechanical
  • Geography
  • A language other than English
  • Religious Knowledge

A candidate must have obtained at least five credits (or better – as is usually the case) in subjects in the Zambia School Certificate (or equivalent) as follows:

Group A: English, Mathematics and Science (OR either Physics or Chemistry) – three compulsory subjects

Group B: Any other two Subjects.

Where a candidate presents both Physics and Chemistry, only one of these will be considered. However, the candidate should have obtained a minimum of credit in the other subject.

A separate system of entry requirements is available for non-school leavers.

Candidates for the admission to the four-year Diploma must have credits in five subjects in the School Certificate as follows:

Group A (Two subjects) English and Mathematics (both subjects compulsory)

Group B (any one) Physics Physical Science or Chemistry

Group C (Two subjects) Any two subjects offered at school certificate not mentioned above

Candidates with Certificate in Construction offered by the school may also be considered for admission to the Diploma Programme in the third year. Candidates who have been excluded from the full time programme at CBU may also be considered to enter the Diploma programme at a given year depending at which year the candidate was excluded from the full time programme.