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Commercial Development

At the School of Engineering, we always have your business needs in mind, so please contact Business development Manager to see what support we can provide.

A wide range of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) continue to benefit from our skills and facilities in the school of engineering. Help can include:

  • designing tools and machines for improved productivity;
  • identification of opportunities to work together as we focus on the development of enterprise and entrepreneurial skills that enable commercialisation of research outputs;
  • Crash data collection, analysis, reconstruction and developing solutions for reduced fatalities (AIS = 6) and severe injuries (AIS=4-5) through education on safety awareness and infrastructure interdependency;
  • Road and bridge construction design to highest international standards;
  • ICT systems design for businesses, media and industry;
  • Aircraft, automotive and railway vehicle design;
  • Value Addition to Natural resources including agriculture;
  • Energy (hydro and Solar) and water/sanitation;
  • Advising Government (National and International) on development policy strategies that take a Third World Country to the First World through industrialisation;

Please get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to offer a new way of thinking in order to assist in the Value Addition chain of agricultural produces, development of processes and technology for Value Addition of Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Brass and other minerals, energy and water consumption strategies, etc.

We provide cutting edge knowledge through our professionals. We can help you in commercialising your Intellectual property (IP).