The School of Engineering at the Copperbelt University is the most targeted School by Zambian’s leading graduate employers. Our Honours degrees (the first in Zambia) open up a whole world of opportunity and prospects. Many students pursue fantastic careers in engineering, while others become entrepreneur or enter the management and commerce sector including software and IT. Others also continue their studies with further postgraduate education.

Students in the third and fourth years have Industrial Placement with major companies. This allows students to work in industry so that they can apply knowledge gained in academic studies to problem solving in a ‘real life’ industrial situation – and they graduate with engineering work experience.

It is our priority to prepare you for future success as an engineer able to design. Each year we organise an exclusive annual careers event specifically for our students. The following companies are typical of those attending to recruit our students: MOPANI, FQM, KCM, Chambeshi Metals, Zamtel, MTN, Airtel, Samsung, Atkins; ZAF, Army, Police, Civil service, NGOs, Utilitity companies (ZESCO, CEC, Lusemfwa, Water comapniesetc.), and many small companies that employ between 2 and 5 of our graduates.

Last academic year we directly supplied graduates to ZESCO, Zamtel, FQM, and many small Medium Enterprises. Our new programmes are developed to equip you with the practical experiences that underpin the theoretical knowledge.

As a School of Engineering graduate, you will receive lifelong support through our Alumni service. This means that you can still continue to play a big role in the life of the school by donating industrial ideas that help us improve our curricula. Donate equipment or funds for a laboratory.

It allows you to gain recognition for participating in a wide range of activities accredited by the School and University and shows employers that you have gained valuable skills from us.

“Be an Engineer with Honours Be the Best Prof. E. Clive Chirwa , 2015 Academician,” Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur