Research and Innovations

The Director for Research and Innovations, under the office of Vice-Chancellor coordinates and monitors all research programmes of the University. The responsibility of the Director is to ensure that research activities are conducted in accordance with the University’s policies. Hence this gives the Director an enormous task to ensure that relevant Policies such as the Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPR), Plagiarism, Publication to name but a few, are timely provided for approval by the University.

The developing world needs various industrial tools to be used in agriculture, health, mining, engineering, communication, etc., in order to produce goods and services for citizens’ consumption. These goods and services can be more effectively produced through intensified basic and applied research. It is therefore, important for higher and tertiary education and training institutions to invest in constructive and productive research. It is encouraging to see the University actively involved in various research projects in collaboration with local and international organisations.

What is Research?

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