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Staff Development Office

About Us

The core business of the university is teaching, research and public service. To realize this core business, recruitment, retention and inspiration of staff is critical. The Copperbelt University made a bold decision to use 10% per cent of Government funding on personal emoluments to support the Staff Development Programme. However, the support from government is not enough to meet the demands for staff development but the University’s commitment to ensure that it has qualified staff is encapsulated in the fact that it annually mobilises resources to sponsor its members of staff for further training and upgrading of their qualifications.

Management made a commitment to train its staff in all schools and units of the University. To this effect the University has trained 278 members of staff at PhD, Masters degrees and other levels under this programme since 2010 at the total cost of K22,902,000.00.

The current focus which is on, but not limited to the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, notwithstanding, CBU is scheduled to sponsor 14 Fellows for further studies during 2015 bringing the current total number of Fellowship Holders to 96 this year alone.

Destination Countries

To ensure that the Copperbelt University and the country at large benefits from a wide range of experience and exposure CBU has sent and continues to send its members of staff to diverse countries and regions of world. Currently Fellows are studying in 14 Countries namely, United Kingdom, USA, China, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, India, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Zambia, South Africa, New Zealand and Botswana. There is no restriction on destination country of study.

Collaborating Partners

The Government of Republic of Zambia, through its human resources development wings, has continued to render unqualified support to CBU in its staff training programme. Apart from the Government, CBU also collaborates with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, National Commission for UNESCO, Netherlands Fellowship Programmes, AFRIMEGQ Scholarships, the Japanese and Chinese Scholarship Councils and South African Universities like Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Pretoria.


There are three types of awards available under the Staff Development Programme: -

  1. Staff Development Fellowships

    This is targeted at Zambian Citizens, aged not more than 35 years, who are graduates of the Copperbelt University or any other recognised institution and obtained a “Distinction” or “Merit” at first degree level. These are selected to undertake Master’s degree training programmes and are employed to join the CBU establishment upon successful completion of studies.

  2. Special Research Fellowships

    This type of Fellowship is targeted at all members of staff, except those serving on casual terms of employment and is aimed at:

    1. Ensuring that each member of staff of the Copperbelt University has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential both for individual and corporate benefit.
    2. Enabling staff, individually and collectively, to enhance their capability and competence for the benefit of users of university services and for members of the University Community at large.
    3. Enabling the Copperbelt University to achieve near self-sufficiency in human resource requirements by focusing the training programmes on Zambians.
    4. Combating all unfair discrimination by ensuring that relevant staff development opportunities are made available for appropriate s .
  3. Non-Academic Training Awards

    These awards are targeted at Administrative, Technical and Professional staff for training and are authorized depending on the relevance and necessity of the course and availability of financial resources.



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