The Directorate has three level programmes :


Programme Goal

To provide quality graduate level training and research of professionals with requisite skills in analyzing conflicts so as to understand the underlying causes and to apply appropriate strategies to manage or resolve conflicts.

  • Programme Objectives
  • To examine violation of human rights, governance and threat to peace,
  • To explore impacts of internal and external conflicts on human security, and disparities¬†between developmental initiatives with societal needs,
  • To evaluate the exploitation of natural resources, impact on environment and sustainable development.


The trimester system (three months in an academic year) is adopted for this programme. Students will be required to take a specified number of courses at each stage.

Each student will at the end of each term (stage) receive grades in each course taken. These represent quality points, assigned to each grade. At the end of each term the Grade Point Average (GPA) for each student will be calculated. A cumulative Grade Point Average will also be calculated.