Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict studies


Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies with specialization in:-

  1. Human Rights, Governance and Peace Building
  2. Human Security and Development
  3. Environment, Sustainable Development and Peace
  4. Diplomacy and Strategic Studies
  5. Defense and Security Management

Each programme consists of course work followed by a dissertation.

The five programmes are structured in four stages namely

  • Introductory (Stage one Core and Common Courses);
  • Theory (Stage Two);
  • Application(Stage Three); and
  • Dissertation(Stage Four)

Stage One - Core and Common Courses

Unit 1.  Introduction of Concepts and the Genesis of Human Rights

Unit 2.  The Human Rights Charter

Unit 3.   African Charter on Human and People’s Rights

Unit 4.   International and Comparative Human Rights

Unit 5.   Human Rights Promotion and Protection in Zambia

Unit 6.   National/Local Justice and Protection of Human Rights

Unit 7.   Transitional Justice

Unit 8.   Restorative Justice

Unit 9.   Retributive Justice

Unit 1. Introduction

Unit 2. Causes of Conflict I: Individual-Level Analysis

Unit 3. Causes of Conflict II: Group-Level Analysis

Unit 4. Causes of Conflict III: System-Level Analysis

Unit 5. Case Study: Civil Violence

Unit 6. Conflict Resolution

Unit 1. Use of Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Promotion of Peace

Unit 2. Protection Of Indigenous Flora and Fauna

Unit 3    Intellectual Property Right          (Patent Rights)

Units 1. Introduction to Research Methodology

Unit 2.  Introduction to Peace Research Methodology