We provide quality education that is accessible to all. We offer training at all levels.

we offer Long term Degree and Diplomas in the following fields;

  • Business
  • Education
  • Law, local government and peace
  • Life sciences and medical studies
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Engineering


To provide quality education that is accessible to the nationally dispersed clients.


To deliver quality education to meet the current and future needs of Zambia and its citizenry by:-

  • Developing and coordinating policy, funding, planning and provision of tertiary education in consultation with stakeholders and in partnership with the other providers, local and international;
  • Ensuring that infrastructure is of acceptable standards and that there are adequate teaching and learning materials;
  • Attracting and sustaining a qualified, professional and motivated staff and
  • Monitoring and evaluating educational standards.


  • To offer adequate and effective programmes geared towards meeting the needs of working adults and the ever growing population of school leavers for remedial and vocational education.
  • Organize regular on-the-job vocational and professional training for different categories of workers and professionals in order to improve and up-date their skills.
  • Offer informal schooling for those who need additional training to get into productive or self-employment.
  • To facilitate, coordinate and administer part-time programmes, short courses, distance education, external examinations, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Identify popular courses that are in high demand and that may be offered on part-time basis and explore the possibilities of offering them in distance mode.
  • Liaise with commerce and industry on their training needs with a view to designing ‘tailor-made’ programmes to address those particular training needs.