The Copperbelt University is the second largest public university in Zambia, which was established by an Act of Parliament No. 19 of 1987 and its continued existence is provided for under the Higher Education Act No.4 of 2013. The University offers diverse programmes in Business, Built Environment, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Mining, Natural resource management and Peace/conflict studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The mission of the University is to contribute to the development and sustenance of the well being of the people of Zambia through the provision of flexible, innovative, entrepreneurial and all inclusive programmes of teaching, learning, research and service.,/p>

The University has a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and research with a focus on applied dimension in conformity with its shared values which include creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship. Through the various schools, the University engages and applies knowledge to resolve local, external, national and global problems. The University coordinates and facilitates provision of services and adds value to the knowledge resident within the University in Four (4) broad key target areas of training and service consultancy, capacity development, research contract and entrepreneurial services.

Consultancy Services

Consulting services are one of the most important means by which staff at the Copperbelt University can make available their academic knowledge and expertise to external organizations, including government, public sector bodies, community groups and businesses. The university provides consultancy services to Industry, private and public institutions, profit and non-profit organizations in Zambia and beyond.

Available Experts

CBU harnesses the expertise and resources of the university and channels them in a commercial direction. The University draws consultants from the large pool of expertise among the University staff and associate consultants from the private sector most of whom are alumni of the Copperbelt University. CBU provides one of the largest and most elaborate consultancy strength in the country with access to over 600 specialist staff in diverse fields domiciled in eight (8) academic schools and four (4) directorates and institutes.

Consultancy Thematic Area

With diverse expertise, the university offers services in virtually every field categorized in twenty five (25) broad consultancy thematic Areas.

  1. Actuarial Sciences & Epidemiological services
  2. Agriculture Development and Value Chains
  3. Analytical services - Mining and Chemical
  4. Biotechnology and Bio-prospecting
  5. Building, Real Estate and construction
  6. Business Development
  7. Climate change and sustainable development
  8. Clinical and dental services
  9. Contract administration and project management
  10. Educational, Professional and Executive Development
  11. Engineering Services
  12. Environmental Impact Assessments and management audits
  13. Feasibility study assessments
  14. Financial Management
  15. Geotechnical Investigations
  16. GIS and Remote Sensing and land surveying services
  17. Health Systems
  18. Information and Communication Technology
  19. Leadership, Governance and Management systems
  20. Monitoring and Evaluation
  21. Peace and conflict management and resolution
  22. Social impact assessment
  23. Software and Information Management System development
  24. Solid waste management and classification
  25. Statistical and Mathematical modeling and analysis

The university, through the various units, has provided various multi-disciplinary consultancy services to a number of organizations both in the Private and Public Sectors. The consultancy unit has managed a number of Consultancy projects as indicated. Some of the consultancy activities undertaken in the last ten (10) years include in the table below.

1 Geotechnical Rock Core Testing Mining and Analytical services Geotechnical Rock Core Testing Mopani Copper Mines Limited K94,499.00
2 Soil Sampling and Bio Monitoring Study Environmental Monitoring Soil Sampling and Bio Monitoring Study Mopani Copper Mines Limited K287,100.00
3 Construction of the Female Student Hostels Phase 1 & 2 Building, Real Estate and construction Architectural, Engineering and Quantity Surveying works including contract administration and project management CBU, Ministry of Education K9.2 billion
4 Construction of the CBU-school of medicine Lecture Rooms, Office Block & Lecture Theaters Building, Real Estate and construction Architectural Engineering and Quantity Surveying works including contract administration and project management CBU, Ministry of Education K5.5 billion
5 Rehabilitation and Extension to 18No Rural Health Centres in Northen, Copperbelt and North Western Provinces Building, Real Estate and construction Architectural Engineering and Quantity Surveying works including contract administration and project management Ministry of Health, World Bank Funded US$5 Million
6 FMO-BPI Impact Evaluation - Baseline Survey Small and Medium Enterprises Evaluation To assess the Impact of loans obtained from BP on Small or Medium sized enterprise performance Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AID) US$40,050
7 Development of a Mobile Application for Voter Registration Information and communication Technology Development of Mobile Application for Registration Electoral Commission of Zambia - K527,104.56
8 Development of a National Complaint Management System Information and communication Technology Development of Web Based online Complaint Management system with auto escalations, Client side USSD based complaint inputs and feedback system, mobile app for customers and users integration services with all Billing systems. National Water and Sanitation Council - CBU K160,000.00
9 Rusangu University Student Information System Information and communication Technology Development of online Registration module, Examination results management module, Student bio data Record Keeping module, Accommodation module, web service, and the Auto Reconciler. Rusangu University - CBU K133,000.00
10 Forest Inventory Conduct a Forestry Inventory and Management Plan ZAFFICO K226, 860
11 Executive Development Programme Educational, Professional & Executive Development Successful Corporate Renewal - Turning Companies into Top Performers Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company K123,500
12 Installation of Traffic Lights Engineering Services Feasibility study, Design, procurement of materials, fabrication of poles, installation and energizing the circuits, Erection of Bill boards. Mazabuka Municipal Council

Training And Professional Development

CBU offers training and capacity development in many areas. This involves provision of tailor-made in-service courses, lasting a few days to several weeks. The training is aimed at improving knowledge, skills and competence that result in better performance and more impactful productivity. The courses offered are accredited and certified with relevant organizations, delivered by some of the finest qualified professionals from the various Schools and units of the Copperbelt University They take the form of seminars, workshops and symposia either in-site or external to the client institution/organization.

Some of the short courses offered in the various disciplines include


  1. Executive Development Programme
  2. Project management
  3. Logistics management
  4. Human resource management
  5. Conflict management
  6. Motivational leadership and effective team management
  7. Performance management
  8. Governance & public sector management
  9. Public procurement management
  10. Financial planning, forecasting and management

Built Environment

  1. Procurement procedures for construction related fields
  2. Contract management
  3. Contract management for the Road sector
  4. Land, physical planning and surveys management
  5. Infrastructure project management


  1. Material attesting and land surveying for contractors
  2. Modeling of water supply and sanitation systems
  3. Application of GIS and remote sensing technologies
  4. Application of CAD in civil engineering
  5. Refrigeration and air conditioning
  6. Instrumentation and measurements
  7. Vehicle engineering
  8. SCADA networks
  9. Energy management
  10. Signal optimization

Mathematics & Natural Sciences

  1. Undergraduate experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biolog
  2. Statistical analysis using SPSS
  3. Professional development for education managers, teachers, and educators
  4. Web-site Design
  5. Programming
  6. Network Building and Administration
  7. Analysis of metals & organic compounds in water and soils
  8. Analysis of industrial products such cement, lime, coal, detergents and soaps
  9. Radioactivity assessment of waterways and soils


Natural Resources

  1. Natural Resource and environmental management
  2. Environmental impact assessment
  3. Management strategies to mitigate drought: Monitoring, risk analysis & contingency planning
  4. Drought and disaster management
  5. Agricultural research management
  6. Forestry and Agro-forestry management
  7. Strategic irrigation management
  8. Fisheries and aquatic life management
  9. Sustainable Agriculture management
  10. Environmental Economics for development

Mining and Mineral sciences

  1. Ventilation monitoring
  2. Mine waste management
  3. Solvent extraction
  4. Electrometallurgy
  5. Metallurgical principles
  6. industrial safety and loss prevention
  7. Hazard and Operability (HAZOP)
  8. Process control and process optimization
  9. Energy management for a sustainable Zambia
  10. Mining and geological exploitation

Peace and Conflict Resolution

  1. Indigenous institutions and traditional Leadership
  2. Conflict resolution: theory and practice
  3. Research Proposal Development
  4. Thesis writing
  5. Information technology and peace and conflict in Africa
  6. Understanding ethnic identity and conflict
  7. The Bible, Conflict and Peace Building
  8. Ethnographic Research for Urban studies

Directorate of Information and Communications Technology

  1. ICT security management
  2. ICT disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  3. ICT Assets management
  4. ICT management of information systems

Research Contracts ( and Applied Research)

The University provides support to industry and public sector in the form of research services outsourced on a contract basis. The University draws upon the depth and breadth of its multi-disciplinary research base to provide answers to many of the challenges faced by organizations today.

Some of the research activities undertaken by the University include:

Domestication and Commercialization of Wild Tubers and BulbsThe project is on wild tubers and bulbs (chikanda, busala and mumbu) and their propagation, commercialization and distribution in central province of Zambia. The project is funded by the Finnish and Danish governments. Traffic Lights Research (TLR)The research aimed to provide a means of further developing products and engaging market through a dedicated product. The project involved research, designing, product development and commercialization. Today, more and more traffic lights are installed in the country using technology developed at the Copperbelt University. Assessing Institutional & Governance Partnerships for Climate-Compatible Development in Sub-Saharan Africa.A Joint Research with University of Leeds, University of Lubumbashi and Eduardo Mondlane University, Client - Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) Fund-DFID, UK:
Green economy development in Zambia-Forest restoration in mining wastelands.Project funded by the Swedish Science Council A situation Analysis of the State of Preparations and Preparedness of the country for the January 20 2015 Presidential By-Election.Study funded by International Conference on Great Lakes Region Preliminary Study on the Drivers of Deforestation and Potential for REDD+ in Zambia.Study Funded by FAO

Entrepreneurial Services

Further the University has an Entrepreneurship Centre focusing on promoting entrepreneurship research and practice within the community. The centre offers various services, among them, skills training, business incubation and development and commercialization of ideas and products.