Center Research

Thematic Areas Research


  • Occupational health and community vulnerability in mining environments

    1. Title: Radon dosimetry in Nchanga underground mine - Principal Investigator: Rabbison Banda
    2. Title: Radon measurement in selected Mindolo houses to estimate cancer risk Budget $ 2,500.00 - Principal Investigator: Cletus Sitima
    3. Title: Assessment of the Feasibility of using Local Inorganic Clay in the Photochemical Oxidation of Oil Waste and Spillage: A Case of Mopani Copper Mines Budget $ 7,166.49 - Principal Investigator: Mary Mambwe
    4. Title: Heavy Metal Concentrations in Economically Important Insects along the Contamination Gradient in Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Budget $5,692 - Principal Investigator: Ms Susan Mwelwa
    5. Title: Study of methods of minimizing dispersion of radioactivity from uranium ore storage site at Lumwana copper mine. Budget $2,500 - Principal Investigator: James Sichula
    6. Title: Assessing Exposure of Respirable Crystalline Silica and Lung Function Decrement of In-service Miners: A Case of Konkola and Nkana Copper Mines in Zambia. Budget $6,458 - Principal Investigator: Mwaba Sifanu
    7. Title: Mathematical Modelling of Air Pollution by Selected Mining Companies. Budget $ 2,881 - Principal Investigator: Mr Gideon Mufumbi
    8. Title: Analysis of respirable crystalline silica exposure among mineworkers: A case of Mufulira and Chibuluma Mine. Budget $ 5,000 - Principal Investigator: Lubinda Nabiwa
    9. Assessment of Potentially Harmful Elements in Water, Soil, Food Crops and Associated Health Risks Around Shenda Mine in Geita, Tanzania. Budget $ 3,550 - Principal Investigator: Tumikia Raphael Sanga
    10. Evaluation of Autochthonous Fungal Isolates from Mine Tailing Dams of Kitwe Zambia, for Heavy Metal Bioremediation Potential. Budget $ 5000 Principal Investigator: Léonce Dusengemungu
    11. Pharmacology of some Medicinal Plant Remedies for Treatment of Hypertension, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS in Mining Towns in Zambia and the Structure elucidation of some Bioactive Compounds. Budget $ 5,000 - Principal Investigator: Karim Mtengai

  • Restoration of mined and derelict environments and waste management

    1. High Voltage Oil Circuit Break Maitainance Practices for Environmental Sustainabilty: Acase of the Mining Industry. Budget: $ 2,871.20 Principale Investigator: Chuula Kapande
    2. Environmental Protection Fund & Environmental Data. Budget $10,248.58 Principle Investigator: Dr. Mundike

  • Energy use, mining and process design

    1. Determination of Equilibrium and Kinetic Data for Aluminimum Sulphate Leaching from Mudstone of Maamba Coal Mine. Budget $1,673 Principle Investigator: Dr. Mwandila
    2. Assessing the occurrence of heavy metals in edible fruits. Budget $2,500 Principle Investigator: Ms. Hildah Chiyangi
    3. Copper and Cobalt Recovery from mine wastewater. Budget $8,910 Principle Investigator: Mr. Leonard Kabondo


  • Monitoring Biodiversity and ecosystem impacts

    1. Developing a citizen science based ecological monitoring tool of terrestrial Budget: $ 9,660 Principale Investigator: Dr Vincent Nyirenda
    2. Carbon stock accumulation by trees in the vicinity of copper smelters in Zambia, Budget $32,869 Principle Investigator: Dr. Francis Munalula
    3. Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in fish, water and sediments of Solwezi, Kifubu river, Zambia, Budget $4,674 Principal Investigator: Holiver Assimuna
    4. To Investigate the land resource management practices under the customary tenure systems and their implication on resource management in Zambia, Budget $2,500 Principal Investigator: Ms. Dinah Mwanza(Student)
    5. Estimating the Capacity of Urban and Peri-urban Forestry in Improving the Environmental Quality, Budget $9,914 Principal Investigator Dr. Reuben Lembani
    6. Investigating water quality and governance participation in the upper Kafue River, Budget $47,960.45 Principal Investigator: Mr. George Kampamba
    7. Water Quality in the Lukanga Swamps as Influenced by heavy Metals and the Ecological Implications on Water Bird Diversity, Budget $3,000 Principal Investigator: Mr. Hunk Lumpuma Lumba (Student)
    8. Insect pollinators in a mining dominated landscape in Zambia: ecology, socio-economic and cultural practices, Budget $5,000 Principal Investigator: Mr. Christopher Mulwanda (Student)
    9. Evaluation of heavy metals accumulation in green leafy vegetables irrigated with mining waste water discharge. An analysis of the Luanshya stream, in Luanshya District, Copperbelt Province, Budget $2,683.40 Principal Investigator: Mr. Cliff Chisuwo
    10. Investigating water quality and governance participation in the upper Kafue River, Budget $47,960.45 Principal Investigator: Mr. George Kampamba
    11. Investigating water quality and governance participation in the upper Kafue River, Budget $47,960.45 Principal Investigator: Mr. George Kampamba

  • Livelihoods, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility

    1. Adoption of formalized artisanal and small scale mining operations: A study of miners’ perceptions of the drivers, barriers and outcomes. Budget: $ 5,161.11 Principale Investigator: Dr. Stella Zulu-Chisanga
    2. The effects of mining industry social sustainability practices on livelihoods in host communities in Zambia. Budget $5,600.56 Principle Investigator: Dr. Mwansa Chabala
    3. Sustainable development of SMEs in mining: challenges and critical success factors in Zambia, Budget $5,028 Principal Investigator: Mr. Dickson Mwika
    4. The effect of enterprise risk management practices on Performance of SMEs in the wake of pandemics such as covid-19 and the mediating role of competitive advantage: evidence from the Zambian mining sector, Budget $9,509.64 Principal Investigator: Dr. Bruce Mwiya
    5. Assessing Job Insecurity and the Role of Corporate Citizenship in Employee Post-Mining Entrepreneurial Preparedness in the Zambian Mining Industry, Budget $8.646 Principal Investigator: Prof Evaristo Nsenduluka
    6. An analysis of the challenges faced by small scale Gold miners in selected sites in North western, eastern and central provinces of Zambia, Budget $8,049 Principal Investigator: Mr. Bravo Muchuu